The Paullie Pop Up Shop

Shop Our Paullie Pop Up Shop is coming to Melbourne Central, this Friday 28 June –Sunday 30th June.

Paullie IRL and get your hands on our new lip & body collection plus some extra sweet treats!

What products will be available to buy?

The new Paullie Lip & Body collection will be available exclusively at the pop up for 3 days. This includes:

  • Lip Balm
  • Lip Scrub
  • Body Butter
  • Body Scrub

In 3 delicious flavours; Vanilla, Mango & Raspberry.

The Mango Lip Balm will not be for sale at the pop up over the weekend, however you can get it for FREE exclusively during Melbourne Central’s Beauty Weekend.

Find out how here 

The Lip & Body collection will be the only Paullie items for sale at the pop up, the original collection will restock on VERY soon!

 How much will the products be?

  • Lip Balm $15AUD
  • Lip Scrub $15AUD
  • Body Butter $28AUD
  • Body Scrub $28AUD

 What time is it open each day?

10am – 7pm

Friday 28 June – Sunday 30 June

 Where in Melbourne Central is the pop up located?

It is on the Level 1, under the Clock

How can I pay?
It will be card only however, we will also be accepting AfterPay.

Can I arrive earlier to line up?

Yes, you can. Melbourne opens from 7am each day, so you can line up from then. However, the pop up won’t open until 10am.

Will Anna be there?

Anna will not be doing any planned appearances or meet and greets at the pop up.

We can't wait to see you there! 

💜 Paullie